Women’s Issues

Women's Issues

Women's Issues

The experience of a woman is unique. There are specific challenges that women face such as motherhood and reproductive health that are gender specific concepts. Other common issues that women encounter include body image, self-esteem, self-concept, purpose, and identity that changes during the progression of life. Burnout and stress are common to both genders but a particular concern for the Black woman as the unresolved trauma from past personal experience often complicates the present experience. 

The skill to compartmentalize racism, sexism, and life does not always prove to be effective or healthy. Psychotherapy for women’s issues can help as it includes and does not ignore the unique experience of the woman seeing the multifaceted dimensions that create a woman and her individual experience. Psychotherapy for women’s issues can help gain an understanding of self, assertiveness, empowerment, control, and problem solving skills leading to positive mental health and wellness.

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