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There is often a stigma attached to Black women. Black women are typically not given the space to be emotional and vulnerable. When emotionally expressive we can be categorized as
“angry or “aggressive”. This is a narrative you can break away from to tell your own story and create your own outcome. It is possible to proudly live in your own identity and be authentic. Many of us have been taught to carry the stress and problems of others but not to pay particular attention to our own. Black women are caregivers, sisters, wives, daughters, mothers, aunts, and friends and also need help, guidance and support. Sometimes you don’t know the name for what you experience, but once enlightened you feel immediately validated to know that you are not crazy. You are not alone. Anxiety can manifest itself in many ways. 

You can feel irritated and angry at times. You may also experience constant worry, nervousness, intrusive thoughts, negative thoughts, memory issues, and lack of focus. These symptoms can interfere with your daily performance at work, school, and your experience at home or with personal relationships. Anxiety won’t just go away. Psychotherapy can help and be very effective. 

Think of retraining yourself. Knowing tools and skills to utilize will offer you more control and reduce symptoms. Learning about what you are experiencing is within itself very powerful. But learning what to do when experiencing difficult symptoms will change your outcome leading to positive mental health and wellness.

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